Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November at a Glance

November has offered some pretty fun shoots and a nice mix of news and corporate. I visited a Low rider "Pop-Off" battle in Mexicali, Mex where a two car clubs competed to see how high their cars could jump(through hydrolics) off the ground. It was a real cool cultural experience getting to hang with some old school homies who all share a love of cars and their Mexican heritage. Next up was a sad affair with a memorial to Nohemi Gonzalez, the sole American killed in the Paris terrorist attacks, who was a student at Cal State University Long Beach. She seemed to be such a sweet, promising young lady who had a wonderful and fulfilling life ahead of her. It's inconceivable to imagine how this has effected her family and friends. My heart goes out to her loved ones. Next up was some corporate work for a private high school in La Jolla. It's one of my favorite clients in that I get carte blanche to go around and just shoot cool picks. I don't have to get any names or permissions which is so refreshing and makes it so much easier to get good shots. I love seeing kids doing their thing and learning and growing. Finally, I covered and anti-Islamophobia rally at SDSU. With all the 24 hour news cycle from the Paris attacks, many in the Muslim community, are being harassed verbally and physically and these students just wanted to show they are good people who support peace and non-violence.
Happy holidays to all and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Just Pluggin Away

Newsy stuff has been a bit slow the last few weeks but been doing of nice variety of corporate and PR-style work. I've been trying to market the corporate photojournalism brand as I'm still finding many companies who love to have a photojournalist come in and document their facility. In fact, some of the photos on this post are from a bio-tech lab. I've done several shoots for them and helped re-brand a look for their web site. That was last year. They just called me in again and when I asked what they needed more shots for, they said they didn't know, they wanted to see new, exciting stuff on a regular basis. I said, "I'm cool with that". No shot list, just come in and do your thang and we'll pay you great money. Now, if I could only get 10-20 more clients like that life would be OK... or stable I mean.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dat Dem Debate

Covered the local color outside of the First Democratic debate in Las Vegas on Tuesday. I must say it was, how should I say, less angry than some of the rallies I've covered for that other party. Also, much more diverse as you could imagine.
Vegas is a funny place in many ways but what struck me was how a big, national news happening of this caliber just gets drowned-out by all the other hoopla going on there. In fact, stopped in at mini-mart about a block from the Wynn and asked the cashier where the big show was going on and she had no idea what I was talking about. I expected to see all kinds of fanfare going on along the Strip from Hillary/Marilyn Monroe characters to feel the Bern cocktail specials, etc.. but saw pretty much just a regular day with partiers and revelers doing their thing. I remember being here a week before the Mayweather fight and you couldn't get away from all the stuff going on.
I must admit it was kind of an odd fit for a Democratic debate local.
Anyway, it was nice to get out of the house and go do some street shooting. Thanks for stopping by

Friday, October 2, 2015

100 and Killin it Like a Rock Star

Thought I'd post a bit wider edit from a story shot for The New York Times on Don Pellmann, a 100 year old athlete who just happened to break 5 World records at the San Diego Senior games the day I was there. Here is a link to the story by Karen Crouse
What a true inspiration this man is and a testament to the fact that good genes, low stress and a fighting attitude is the secret to a long, fulfilling life. Don wasn't an all star athlete in his youth, he didn't obsess over eating all the right foods like energy drinks, protein bars, Gluten free, etc.. and in fact, he didn't start competing in track and field until his 70's. What he did was just enjoy doing sports and didn't over do it to the point where his joints and back would suffer in later life. He has no issues with knees, back or any other pains that a normal 100 year old would suffer. He ate Macaroni and Cheese the night before and barely likes to drink water. In fact, the trainer at the games had to almost beg him to take a few extra gulps because the temperature on that day was hovering around,well, 100 degrees. In any event, I loved his tenacity and zeal for life. Don't ever let age stop you from doing stuff and taking on new challenges..