Saturday, March 12, 2016

Corporate Campaigns

Just finishing up Two large commercial gigs which have been very challenging and have helped me grow in some areas where I've needed to gain some experience. The First group of images are from the San Diego Sheriff's Annual Report which has been a 3-4 day whirlwind of visiting different departments around the County. Many of the scenarios were kind of on the fly. Get to an office or outdoor location, meet the Sheriff's, shoot the Sheriff's and off to the next location. Most of the sessions lasted 15-20 minutes so had to really be able to think up locations to shoot, get the subjects in there and comfortable and pop and go. The lighting had to stay pretty simple, mostly just a reflector dish to fill in some shadows. I really like to make them appear as natural(not stock-like) as possible as it portrays a more honest vibe.
The Second was a series of set-up situations for a bank. This took me a bit out of my element in that everything, it was a big budget, big production shoot with models, assistants, film crews, catering and required lots of pre-shoot prep work from finding clothing props to making sure my 2 assistants got home from LA and picked up each morning on time. I must say it was quite refreshing to work with professional models. 99 percent of what I shoot are people who are moderately to severely uncomfortable in front of a camera. One other nice thing was the film crew set up gorgeous, natural lighting situations which I was able to use after they were finished.
It's been a fabulous few weeks and am excited to advance into this kind of work.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Corporate Fun Shoot

Posting a few photos from a corporate shoot for Mulligan Family Fun Center the other day. What's really fun is my kids finally think I'm cool because they got to spend an entire Monday playing video games, Go Karts, Miniature Golf, rides and got a free Pizza party and faux-birthday party all in lieu of having their pictures taken.
Usually on shoots for companies it takes a real effort to get employees to act natural and do the job(s) they do and make it look like a fun and interesting place to work. In this case, I must say it was pretty easy. I mean, no none minded having to take a few extra laps around the Go Kart track so I could get the right shot or playing a few extra holes of Putt-Putt golf or having an extra slice of Pizza so I could snap just the right image. It was tough for the laddies but they were troopers.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Costa Rica Snaps

Had a nice vacation with me Mum and Sis down in Costa Rica last week. We traveled around the country a bit with a visit to the coastal town of Manuel Antonio and then worked our way up to La Fortuna/Arenal which is inland and has a beautiful volcano(Which we never saw because of the cloud coverage). I love how much of the country is kept in pristine condition. You don't see trash all over the place and the rainforests are all preserved very well. Tico's seem to really appreciate the environment and are into saving it. They also have such a wonderful, laid back disposition and are just genuinely happy people. The term "Pura Vida", pure life, is used quite frequently when talking with the locals. As far as shooting, I just kind of took it easy. Although I'm kind of a people person, I was inspired by all the flora and fauna in the forests. So much diversity of plant species. The Monkeys were also a bonus. Curious little critters with lots of attitude and just hilarious to watch. Definitely a nice way to start 2016.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November at a Glance

November has offered some pretty fun shoots and a nice mix of news and corporate. I visited a Low rider "Pop-Off" battle in Mexicali, Mex where a two car clubs competed to see how high their cars could jump(through hydrolics) off the ground. It was a real cool cultural experience getting to hang with some old school homies who all share a love of cars and their Mexican heritage. Next up was a sad affair with a memorial to Nohemi Gonzalez, the sole American killed in the Paris terrorist attacks, who was a student at Cal State University Long Beach. She seemed to be such a sweet, promising young lady who had a wonderful and fulfilling life ahead of her. It's inconceivable to imagine how this has effected her family and friends. My heart goes out to her loved ones. Next up was some corporate work for a private high school in La Jolla. It's one of my favorite clients in that I get carte blanche to go around and just shoot cool picks. I don't have to get any names or permissions which is so refreshing and makes it so much easier to get good shots. I love seeing kids doing their thing and learning and growing. Finally, I covered and anti-Islamophobia rally at SDSU. With all the 24 hour news cycle from the Paris attacks, many in the Muslim community, are being harassed verbally and physically and these students just wanted to show they are good people who support peace and non-violence.
Happy holidays to all and thanks for stopping by.