Thursday, November 5, 2015

Just Pluggin Away

Newsy stuff has been a bit slow the last few weeks but been doing of nice variety of corporate and PR-style work. I've been trying to market the corporate photojournalism brand as I'm still finding many companies who love to have a photojournalist come in and document their facility. In fact, some of the photos on this post are from a bio-tech lab. I've done several shoots for them and helped re-brand a look for their web site. That was last year. They just called me in again and when I asked what they needed more shots for, they said they didn't know, they wanted to see new, exciting stuff on a regular basis. I said, "I'm cool with that". No shot list, just come in and do your thang and we'll pay you great money. Now, if I could only get 10-20 more clients like that life would be OK... or stable I mean.

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stevenjared0853 said...

Thank you so much for sharing this interesting post here. I have been to couple of events like this which were organized at New York venues. It was really fun and standing up for something like this really makes you feel happy.