Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Aftermath

It's truly sad and for some reason inspiring to meet the folks who lost their homes during the Witch Fire in San Diego. You realize that material things can easily be let go of while human life is precious. As a photographer, I feel it is necessary to get in there and just listen to their stories while documenting what's going on. That way it feels honest as opposed to hanging back with a telephoto lense and sneaking the shot. My heart goes out to these individuals.


Richard said...

Excellent coverage of the worst natural disaster in San Diego history. World class pictures as always. Job well done. Best wishes.
Rick Eaton

Anonymous said...

Question from the photo on the NYTimes 25 Oct 07 front page:

What was the difference between the houses that burned to the ground and the ones apparently unscathed? Tile roofs and stucco siding? Or something else?