Friday, December 7, 2007

Big Surf

Some monster waves off of La Jolla this week as a Pacific storm made it's way down from Alaska. A few brave and experienced souls had the time of their lives riding these giants. Nice to see Mother Nature at her finest. Later bra!


Richard said...

Thanks for sharing this timeless picture capturing a unique perspective of the surfer and the magnificent power and beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Back in the film days there was a saying that the last shot on the roll was the best. As this is your thirty-sixth picture posted on your blog perhaps the saying holds true in digital. The surfer would be the last shot on a roll of thirty-six color film. However, with your gift of photography, the last picture posted is always the best. Outstanding photography! Thanks again.
Rick Eaton

Daniel said...

later bra!

lol, great shot, I would love to shoot surfing. :D

D. Woolfolk