Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Photographed McCain on the campaign trail the other day at a VFW post in Chula Vista. Something was a little sad about the event. Obama and Clinton rallies are like rock concerts with all the pomp, loud music, balloons, thousands of cheerful youngsters, and guys with black suits watching your every move. This rally filled a small VFW hall with about 100 old timer vets, and about twice as many media, no security, with a framed replicate painting of the flag raising at Iwo Jima that was severely sun damaged. I have a real affinity for the WWII crowd, they represent a time when we were proud to be Americans and when we had a real enemy threatening to take over our world. McCain seems like a really decent, stand-up guy, his message is unfortunately way off base and from another era.

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Daniel said...

Yeah, too bad he's out of touch, his time was eight years ago. I like him and voted for him for senate. He got kinda stubborn though.

I'm sure you've seen the really good Obama video with the song. Check this one out spoofing it about McCain.