Friday, June 6, 2008

Shot a feature for USA Today in Van Nuys on the rise of customs and Immigration raids on businesses throughout the country. I hate to say but about 1-2 years ago when many of our red state comrades were camped out along the border, with guns and beer belly's, I would say to myself, "don't do too good of a job keeping immigrants from entering the U.S." These folks are the backbone of our workforce and do many painstaking, dirty jobs that most of our citizens wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Now, as predicted, we see weekly stories about businesses suffering from a shortage of labor. I know we're in the midst of a political season, but I think we should afford these people some respect. Otherwise, don't gripe when we start paying 8 bucks for a tomato.

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RMR Photography said...

A-Men Brother. I can't believe how fast people are to complain about the price of food and in the same breath talk about how illegal immigration costs us so much.
I'll skip the $8 tomato, just give me the $3 packet of ketchup.