Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Obama and McCain were in town last week to try to score some points with Latino voters at the National Council of La Raza. Obama, of course, was the crowd fav as he spoke of his years as a grassroots politician who worked tirelessly to help persons of all races. I'm glad he didn't try anything cute-sie like speak in Spanish or state that he had a Hispanic 3rd Uncle or something. He was just Obama and stayed precisely on the message he tells every ethnic group, and that is "WE" can create change together. McCain, who was clearly not the crowd Fav, had the atypical political rhetoric but I got to give the guy credit, he stood up to some pretty tough questions from some angry Latino voters. It reminded me of the 02 McCain, who I thought was a strait shooter.
BTW, Cindy McCain is A hotty.

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