Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ahhh, to be 17, 6 foot whatever, and one of the top baseball prospects in the country. That was the word last week as 38 of the nation's best juniors spent a week in L.A. for the Aflac High School baseball game. We spent a busy 5 days of visiting a cancer hospital, Universal Studios, lots of practice, clinics, awards banquets, met lots of hall of fame speakers, followed by and East/West all star game at Dodger Stadium. It was great to see a group of young, innocent ball players before the lure of the big leagues make them into rich, entitled athletes. One of the highlights of the week was walking through Universal Studios one day when a group of about 20 High School girls came walking our way. As soon as I saw them coming towards us, I just knew something great(photographically) was about to occur. All the sudden, these cool semi professionals turned into a bunch of pre-pubescent school boys who completely lost their cool and became giddy little boys.

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