Thursday, August 14, 2008


Had a fun shoot for the London Times with Katy Perry(I kissed a girl and I liked it)today and must say it was fun switching into fashion mode from the normal photojournalism mode. I've always emulated Richard Avedon, one of history's great fashion photogs, and strongly believe that fashion and news use the same skills. Good light, decisive moment, and able to make your subject matter feel at ease. The differences I find are dealing with lots of stylists, PR people, assistants, having to order lunch right in the middle of the shoot;< and having to look for a different kind of beauty.


RMR Photography said...

So are you saying that I was a pain in the butt assistant? Thanks for looking out bro, it was a good time. I especially liked the Kobe Burger for lunch! Thanks for feeding us Katy Perry!

lftnbig said...

Good work. This is totally different from anything I have seen from you.