Thursday, February 12, 2009


Shot this portrait of a gal named Amal Hersi who was denied entrance into her local bank because she wouldn't remove her head-scarf. She's a Muslim Somali immigrant who grew up in San Diego and actually kinda knew the manager. Dang, maybe in France but San Diego? You just don't hear about these things happening in our fair weather town. I wonder if they'd make me take off my baseball cap if I went there?


photoshopabuser said...

Go figure. I'm not seeing a problem with identification here. I see paranoia still exists or they are just pinheads at that particular bank. Oh, and you couldn't have asked for better light there man! Nice photo.

renay said...

That sucks. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior given the fact that we have a big Somalian community in City Heights. That's just ignorant on the bank manager's part.