Monday, February 2, 2009

I had a fun time shooting a Bar-Mitzvah last weekend and it wasn't necessarily the shooting part. It's just so dang awkward watching a room full of 13 year old teenie-boppers interact with each other. To this day, I still don't understand how boys and girls ever get along or even have remote interest in each other. Boys like to run around, bump in to each other, see who can eat, run, faster, than each other, play any game put in front of them etc.. while girls like to talk, hug, primp, snort at each other, and don't like gross anything gross. I just don't get it.
So the kid who was having the Bar Mitzvah was NOT ready for the girl thing. For most of the night his older brother kept trying to pull him away from the Wii and get him out to the dance floor and mingle with some girls. I felt terrible for the kid because he was REALLY shy and was almost in tears as everyone was egging him on to go dance. So finally, by the end of the night and relentless pressure, ole Jacob stepped-up to the plate and had his first dance with a girl. Way to go young man!

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