Sunday, April 19, 2009


What a bummer, for decades and since I've been in CA, Borderfield State Park has been a special place where people from both sides of the border can visit family and friends and converse through the wall. It's one of the only spots along this 2K+ mile wall that is dedicated to a mutual bond and friendship between our nations. In the 60's, Pat Nixon, who was First Lady at the time, visited this special place and was so taken by the warmth of the Mexican people that she deemed the wall useless.
Well, that all ended today as I took a stroll down there to check out a new wall that I had heard had been built. As I hiked the 2 miles in(road was closed) the US side was completely desolate (except for the seagulls and sandpipers) and the Tijuana side was jam packed with frolicking kids, umbrellas, ice cream vendors, you name it. It was quite a stark contrast. As I approached the line, I immediately noticed the shiny new fence standing in front of the old rusty metal landing mat and saw that they had completely blocked off any access for Americans to approach. In fact, being the rebel I usually am, I ignored the signs and went up to the wall and within 5 minutes, 2 Border Patrol agents came zooming down the mountain. After checking my credentials, they asked me to get behind a made-up line which was about 40 feet from the wall. I calmly told them, "This is just mean" These families have been meeting here longer than you have been alive". After a few more words, I figured I'd drop it since I was alone and they were starting to get pissed.
Anyhoo, sorry for the long rant, Things like this are usually delegated by some nervous politicians in DC that have no idea of the cross border bonds many folks have down here. It all looks good on paper but is a detriment to our relationship between our nations.


Daniel said...

It's great to have people in Washington dictate how us border people live. We don't have feelings down here after all.

jerod said...

Couldn't agree with you more Sandy. It's a shame they (the useless politicians) closed that place.

kgwhit said...

The politicians in DC have no idea what to do about immigration. They are held hostage by the rants of the talk show gnats. They only act in their own self interest and that means to get re-elected. If it will cost them votes they won't do a thing.