Sunday, April 5, 2009


Had the chance to photograph Steve Carell, you know, the guy from The Office, Little Miss Sunshine and a bunch of others, as he brought his family to Legoland for the day. Usually when a celeb comes to the park we just ask them for a quick shot to send out to the mags showing them having a good time on their rides and stuff. As it turned out, Steve ended up being very laid back, cool guy, so I thought I'd ask him to strike a Godzilla pose in the middle of the Mini-DC exhibit. Without flinching, he obliged. Now, I've probably shot 2 dozen stars and none of them seemed quite right for this most special pose. I just can't see Larry King, or James Gandolfini, or Pacino, or Jamie Lee Curtis, all past visitors, looking right.
Anyway, in case you're wondering, he's a great guy, very domesticated, and basically just like you'd think he would be.

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Mark J. Rebilas said...

That shot is awesome. Makes me wanna go to Legoland to have you shoot a similar shot of me!