Thursday, April 2, 2009

I went down to Rosarito Beach, Mexico to cover Spring Break, or the lack there of, for Getty and was somewhat shocked and saddened by the scene. Usually this time of year, during Spring Break season, there would normally be thousands of college age students livin'-it-up around the many bars and cafes in the Centro district. I didn't see a SINGLE student. Just 2 drunk 50 year old ladies from Seattle. It was almost like a scene from a Hitchcock movie as I'd walk in to one of the massive beach bars with blaring music, disco lights and all only to see mass expanses of empty tables with a few bored wait staff sitting in the back corner.
I must say, our media has done their job. Scare the crap out of people, get a ratings boost. I think what upsets me most is how few media outlets have actually been down and checked the place out. I asked numerous vendors and no one had seen any reporters lately. Well, from this journalist, I can honestly tell you, it's a safe place to go and you be welcomed with open arms.

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Daniel said...

ouch. We're feeling it here too in Nogi and it's safe here too. I guess when people make their decisions, it's a small thing to say 'let's go to havasu instead, where there's less risk' but for merchants that small decision compounded over tons of people.

Mexican media is even worse. Do people in Mexico seem agitated with you covering the violence?

by the way, that's a kick-ass shot of the dude on the horse. you should put it on your main page on your website!