Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bad Karma

Bummer man! So I'm just finishing a calendar called the "Leap of Faith" which pits adopted kids with various San Diego Chargers that I've been working on for much of the summer. We finally get our last player Clinton Hart to volunteer his time which would be our December spread. Everything goes just right, he's a nice guy, kids were great, shot came out pretty decent, deadline to go to press is this Monday. Well, he got cut today. Dang, now I get word the kiddies are going to be devastated that they won't be in the calendar. I imagine Hart isn't too thrilled as well. Looks like we're going to have to pick a shot with the 2 and crop Hart outta there. This kinda messes up the continuity of the entire piece. I'm not too upset, it's really all about getting these guys adoted.


Running Fool said...

Delightful picture! Amazing and sad that the powers that be would leave it on the cutting room floor. What difference would it make that the Charger was cut? He was a Charger when you took the shot and they should have the courage to run it. Of course, you have the right perspective. The important thing is the kids. Great job!

Renay said...

That is a nice shot and in light of what happened, I agree that the shot should stay as is. Sucks that the powers that be do not see it that way.