Friday, November 20, 2009

Tis The Season

Once again we are starting the Christmas festivities waaaaaay too soon. Whatever happened to Thanksgiving? Every year around mid- to late November I start getting a little stress-induced-twitch as the all the drama and hoopla of the holiday season start to unfurl. Shopping, family expectations, the constant barrage of ads and news stories with the newest, must-have toy of the season. All the Christmas parties with heaps of cakes and cookies and the miles of extra running just to keep the pounds off, and having to hear Nat King-Cole and Mariah Carey every few minutes, all the while being my slowest$$ work time of the year. I imagine the original creators of Christmas, sitting by the manger and all, ever had any idea their beloved holiday would become such a train wreck. Calgon take me away!

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