Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Pits

Due to budget cuts, the City of San Diego wants to get rid of a looooong-time local tradition of allowing beach-fires in sanctioned pits. Many thousands of residents have spent romantic summer nights, fished, had wedding celebrations, High School/college parties, family BBQ's, etc....and have been kept warm and comfy by the fires.
I think we all understand that our economy is in trouble, teachers, police, firefighters and all should get first priority, but the City Council's lack of creativity and ease with which they can just abandon the pits is what yanks my chain. It would only cost about 200K to keep them going per year. To you and me, that's a lot of money, if they charged a minimal 10 dollar yearly permit, I would think we could all come up with that pretty easily. heck, that's one less case of beer per year. Anyway, I do hope this issue gets resolved and we can keep this great tradition aglow.

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