Thursday, January 7, 2010

Portrait Blues

One of a photographer's worst nightmare's, besides forgetting your flash card to an assignment, is a having to shoot a bunch of lawyers or other suits in a dry, white wall office with generic office furniture. I labored and actually lost sleep over the years trying to figure out a creative way to do this. Believe me, this type of shoot is THE most common one I have. One of the gimmicks I've devised over the years, when all the elements are about as exciting as a bologna sandwich, is to just get them outside. Anywhere, a balcony, the outside lobby, an tree at the front entrance. There is ALWAYS something to work with and make an otherwise dull image a bit more exciting.
So I showed up to this shoot the other day and the secretary had a small, windowless office reserved for the shoot. After a few deep gasps, I looked over to the right and saw they had a big balcony overlooking the city. Thank God I was able to find a great backdrop because these folks were a bit lifeless(No offense to the subjects, just the story)


JT said...

Hi Sandy, You really nailed this one. Perfect conditions/lighting, a great location and your use of flash looks spot-on. I always get nervous when using a speedlight (on or off camera) when shooting a group. You must have used an umbrella? Great shot!

I always enjoy your work, your stories and creativity.


Sandy Huffaker said...

Thanks JT! I appreciate the kind words. We do have the best weather out here don't we?
I set up a portable strobe with battery pack and used an umbrella.
Have a great 2010!

Daniel said...

Yeah, I really like this one. said...

Beautiful shots !! Great post !!


jerod said...

More proof that you are indeed the man. Your pictures never cease to amaze me brother.

david said...

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