Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ride Along

Last weekend, I went out on a ride along with the Sheriff's Dept. in Imperial Beach, CA.
"IB", as most locals call it, is the Southern most City in the United States, straddling the U.S.-Mexico Border, and has it's fair share of crime , or as I like to say, "lots of good action". So I get to the office, make my introductions and off we go to this scene where 8 guys were being arrested for stealing beer from a 7-11. It turned out to be a very eye opening shoot for me and not for any of the obvious reasons. Turns out, all the suspects were 14 year-olds. Holy cow, my daughter, my baby, is 14. I dunno, it's just kinda strange to have a kid now officially old enough to get into trouble like this. It seems like just last week she was this innocent little kid playing with Barbie dolls. I know I'm reading way too much into this but it's just a little scary to have a teenager.

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