Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chelsea King

I've seen a lot of evil over the years but this one really hit close to home for me. Chelsea King,17, was murdered while out on the run along the banks of Lake Hodges in Escondido, CA. She was found 6 days later about 1/2 mile from where she started. They got a guy who is almost certain to be the murderer, John Albert Gardner III, who has a pretty sordid history of sexual abuse on minors. I'm most sure authorities will find him guilty.
There are so many feelings of horror, rage, sorrow for the family and for a kid who had a really bright future ahead of her. My own daughter is 14 and seems almost a mirror image of Chelsea. Straight A student, member of the Youth Symphony, funny, cute, a bit of a perfectionist, and on and on. When you think about the possibility of something so horrific happening to one of yours, this event seems all the more real. I can only feel for her family and what they must be going through now. Rest in Peace Chelsea.

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