Monday, November 15, 2010

A Day with Jay

Spent a fun filled day at Jay Leno's garage in Burbank over the weekend. I've been to many automotive museums in my day and have never seen one as nice as his. There were rooms filled with steam powered cars, Model T's, Muscle cars, 50's mafia cars, , motor bikes, new and older model sports cars, and on and and on. The walls were all filled with fantastics collectible posters from old time car ads, there were also dozens of magazine covers hanging with Jay's sitting in some fancy car. I even went to the restroom and as I was relieving my self, saw pictures of him with Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Brad Pitt, and other celebs as well as a proclamation from Governor Schwarzenegger claiming June 1st as Jay Leno Day.
So as the day rolls along, various film crews come in and out, Richard Petty came in for an hour and filmed a quick thing. Then it was lunch and guess who cooked all of us crewman Lasagna? He was such a nice gracious guy and it didn't seem at all like an act. He would constantly offer us more food or drink. After lunch, the car we were shooting him test driving finally arrived. He gets mic'ed-up and then films various interviews which he did flawlessly and in 1 take. Finally, after about 3 hours, I got a few minutes to do my thing. I get him in a nice pose and he flashed that million dollar Jay Leno smile that we always see and then he was off to the next interview. As I'm packing up and leaving, I find out Jay is off to Palm Springs to do a comedy show. It was a fun day! I just wonder where he gets his energy.


Marti said...

Is that the biggest bottle of Tabasco sauce that I have ever seen?

What a great day, Sandy!

Nudge said...

This is great! I just love Jay Leno.