Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tragedy in Tucson

I'm going to get right to the point and try as hard as I can not to get too political. The shooting in Tucson over the weekend was more than just a mere crazy, wacko out to kill for sport or whatever reason. To me, this is the culmination of about a decade of opinionated, 24 hour, sensationalized news channels, or "newsertainment" channels as I like to call it, that has infected many folks with ungodly rage. What makes me most angry is that they hide under the guise of "News". Well, it's not "News", its opinion and it's heavily reliant on ratings "AKA" scaring the shit out of people by CREATING issues that make people feel that we are being invaded(i.e Socialists, Commies, Liberals). I think the majority of us are sensible enough to distinguish what is real and what is poppycock. There are also some that are mentally unstable that cannot distinguish this. When we have elected officials, or ones trying to get elected going on their supportive channels and telling folks we need to "Lock and Load", or targeting politicians districts in their "Crosshairs" referring to a rifle scope, this is downright irresponsible. My hope is that this terrible event will open up some kind of dialog and maybe, just maybe, bring a little more integrity and civility back to news and journalism as a whole.

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kgwhit said...

Although I believe you are correct in your point about the impact of the TV and Radio talking heads, it is not going away until the people stop watching and listening.
Journalism is part informing the people and part making money. Outrage at the chattering class will not end it. It will end when it no longer makes a buck.