Monday, May 23, 2011

Toby Bost(For The Wall Street Journal)

Photographed Toby Bost, CEO of The La Jolla Group for The Wall Street Journal. His company represents some big names in the surf and outdoor apparel industries such as O'Neil and Rusty Inc. So as you could imagine, he's a water sports buff. The day started out with a surf session at Tressles Beach in San Clemente, CA in the OC(of course). Toby pulled up in a sweet pimped out, black SUV and dressed for the session in a matching O'neil wet suit and surfboard. Tressles Beach was about 3/4 of a mile down so of course he had a beach cruiser with a surf rack built in. It was a complete image of the perfect California lifestyle. So as photographer karma goes, the surf was small but was able to catch him on a few babies. We then headed back to his plush office/facility in Irvine. This place looked like every 20 something's dream of the perfect job and workspace. Built in skate ramp in the hallway, gym, basketball court, gnarly, life-size photos of models on skateboards and surfing and motocross, youngsters zipping by on roller blades and skateboards in shorts and flip-flops(standard dress wear, and a fridge stocked with energy drinks around every corner. There were dozens of rooms were workers were designing and shooting apparel, making posters and all kinds of other cool jobs. And yes, they were all hot. I felt like I was trapped in an episode of 90210.

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