Friday, July 1, 2011

Fair Psychosis

It's that time of year again. Time to put on the wide angle lens and go hunting for images that depict some of the best and worst aspects of our great American culture. The fair is not only a place to enjoy games and rides and stuff your face with the wide array of fried delicacies. It's a street photographer's paradise. I mean, where else do you have a gathering of just about every socio-economic level all mixed and mingled together with the added bonus of lots of color, motion and action?
This year I wanted to get away from the usual slow shutter shots of rides in motion, kids eating Cotton Candy, Pig races, etc.... and focus more on just catching little moments with a touch of social commentary. I got to thinking after passing a food booth that advertised "Fried Butter, "Fried Kool-Aide" and an assortment of Bacon products, and had a picture of a nurse holding up a set of defibulators, that we have reached the proverbial top of the mountain when it comes to junk food insanity. I mean, where else do we go from here?

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