Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big Apple Vacation

Just got back from a fabulous vacation to New York City. I grew up there in the Summers and went to college in Brooklyn but pretty much haven't been back in about 15 years(except for 1 quick visit). It's so fun to get back into that fast paced energy and just people watch. I went out one morning and walked around sketching with my camera, trying finding little moments. I also got seduced by the Fall foliage in Central Park. The last time I was actively shooting in NY was in college, back in the film days, and I could only afford 2 rolls of Tri_X Pan a week. Each shot would be meticulously thought out since I had only 72 frames to last me 7 days. These days, with digital, there is no end to the amount of shots one can snap. It was great seeing some client friends, my Dad and his girlfriend and sampling some fine street food. Good Times!

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