Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday(For Getty)

I was somehow able to peel myself off the couch after stuffing my face all day to shoot "Black Friday" crowds on Thanksgiving Day. It was actually a great way to burn off some calories and melt down the food baby that took up residence in my belly. I drove around town to all the regular stores, from Target to Kohls to Best Buy in search of the most visually exciting place to shoot the madness. I decided to stay with Best Buy because the shoppers were much more amped-up and super eager to get some good deals on electronics. It's also more visually exciting shooting people trying to carry a 52' inch flat screen TV up to the register than just a basket full of clothes. I've found there are numerous techniques to getting a giant TV from A to B. First, and by far the most popular, is the Jaws Technique where shoppers balance them in a shopping cart vertically in a way that looks like a big shark fin. Second would have to be the Choo-choo train technique of pushing them, sometimes 3 to 4 in a row, down the aisles in a long chain. And finally, the multiple kids(sometimes as young as 3) on all ends technique. This way is usually a recipe for disaster because the smallest usually ends up on the wrong side of the set when Mom and Dad and a brother or sister or two fight over whether to go right or left and it just falls over on someone. It's actually kinda fun just observing it all.
May everyone just stay cool this holiday season.

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