Sunday, March 11, 2012

No Nukes Protest

I haven't posted in awhile because the news side of biz has diminished as of late. Not sure if it is just slow here in Cali or that the GOP campaigns are sucking the life out of all other issues. Without getting too critical of our media, I kinda feel like everything gets put on hold until after the elections. From now until November, we can all look forward to more and more redundant, rehashed stories about Mitt, Rick and Newt:( I wish more reporters would dig for interesting stories instead of going for the easy political stump speeches which spew the same crap everyday.
Anyway, I decided to get out of the house on a nice Sunday and head up to San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant to shoot some protesters marking the 1 year anniversary of the disaster at Fukushima as well as to bring light to the dangers of nuclear power plants. Looks like San Onofre is quite vulnerable to earthquakes and Tsunamis just like Fukushima. One of the protesters, who was flown in from Japan, had a Geiger Counter and took readings at the site. Evidently it detected a pretty high level of radiation from the surrounding area. He even said it was above what the legal level was in Japan. That was a bit unsettling. Oh well, I've had all the kids I plan to have.

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