Thursday, June 7, 2012

Humble Warriors

I shot a job fair for Marines at Camp Pendleton a few days ago. Many of these guys and gals were active duty and had a range of reasons they were looking for employment. Some had plans not to re-enlist, others had various injuries from amputations and PTSD to other psychological problems which was keeping them from signing on for another tour. The companies hiring weren't your normal ones you usually see at civilian job fairs. Like techie companies, data systems analysists, admin jobs, telemarketers, etc... These were manly man recruiters like Blackwater, Sheriff's Dept. Department of prisons, lots oil change companies, Border Patrol, and many other security related professions. I suppose it would be good natural fit. Anyway, most of them seemed a bit awkward, like fish out of water, having to sell themselves to prospective employers. Marines are great at killing but when it comes to talking about themselves, they seem kind of stay a bit too humble.

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