Monday, December 24, 2012

Common Core Classroom

Shot an assignment for Education Week Magazineon an innovative classroom approach where kids work as a group to find solutions to many of today's issues. Whether it be Math, Science, Arts, etc.. they use real world scenarios to try and solve problems and come up with solutions. Basically, they actually use their brains to try and figure stuff out. For instance, I went into a science class and the students had broken off into groups and were trying to figure out solutions to global water supplies, or lack there-of. The funny thing is that they were only 4th graders. Seems like a great program, which is most unlike my school years where everything was pretty much shoved down your throat with a gun to your head.
This method seemed to be much more interactive and thought provoking and the kids seemed to be having a really fun time.
Happy Holiday's all!!

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