Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Line of Sequestration

Decided to spend a nice sunny Sunday in Tijuana to do a little sightseeing and take a few snaps along the way. Upon entering I was immediately was hit with a sight that brought this whole sequestration issue into reality. A line of people, at least a mile back , waiting to cross into the U.S. I can't say for sure if it was because of the Sequester cuts but in the 22 years I've been crossing over into TJ, I've never seen anything close to this many people waiting. The line went zigzagging through neighborhoods and along a network of streets that all lead to the border and went back as far as the eye could see. Now in those 22 years, I've endured many long, inconvenient lines that were brought on by the events of 9/11, holiday travel and just increased growth in the region. This was the most dramatic spike in border crosser wait time I've ever seen.
So I headed on into town to have my fun knowing full well I was in for a doozie of a wait but also hoping it was some sort of fluke and might miraculously whittle down after a few hours.
Well, I was wrong, it got worse. So I followed the line to the end, losing full site of the border as I wound back further and further from all the hub bub. Each minute walking back became a painful reminder that it would be an hour forward once in the line. So I get back to the end and my nightmare became a reality. Walk 3 steps, wait a few minutes, walk another 2 and wait a few more, 45 minutes, still no border in sight. The one saving grace was that there was plenty of good people watching, food vendors, a guy singing really bad Mexican Karaoke and vendors selling all kinds of crap from Porcelain Jesus statues to this huge Angry Bird Pinata. I figured what better way to spend that time than to document it.
3 hours later, I finally made to the Customs inspector when he asked me what I was doing in Mexico. I told him I was just here to wait in this lovely fucking line! Well, I was at least thinking that.

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