Friday, April 5, 2013

Recent Images

Just a few selects from various assignments I've been working on lately. I suppose I should start calling them commissions since most of them are of a more corporate nature. I'm finding a lot of interest in photojournalism-style photography in the corporate world. Many, many companies and organizations need the well lit portraits we are all used to for their marketing materials, but they also have great demand for good documentarians to come in and capture dynamic images of what they do or produce. For me lately, it's been for hospitals, theme parks, Science labs, Sheriff's departments, and a nice variety of other places. I also think companies who hire photogs are becoming much more photo-saavy as the whole reality based media culture we live in has flourished. For instance, I had a marketing manager who hired me to come in and shoot "real" stills of their doctors seeing patients. The photos they were using were all stock stuff where the doctors all looked like George Clooney and the patients like Angelina Jolie. The guy just flat out told he didn't like that "stock image" look. I looked at him with a big smile and said "I couldn't agree more"

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