Thursday, May 16, 2013

Best Gig EVER!!

Spent the last 6 days traveling through the great states of CO, WY, UT, ID with a group of British, Irish and Scottish travel agents. It was called a "FAM" which is short for a Familiarity tour where these agents(and photographer) get to travel around to tourist sites and get wined and dined by the tourism departments of each state. The hope is that the agents will steer their customers toward their destinations.

Never in my 20 years in business have I gotten paid to shoot funpix and get to stay in 5 star hotels, eat Steak Dinners, go on rafting trips, see each state's finest attractions and get to sit on a shuttle bus and not have to drive. It was pretty amazing. One of the best things about it was getting to hang out with the Brits. My oh my those folks know how to cut up and have a good time. We ended up closing down the bars in every town we visited. The humor and camaraderie were awesome.

It'll definitely be hard to get back to the daily grind.

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Cintia Soto said...

hahaha that is my dream job. I love your photography by the way.