Friday, July 19, 2013

Comic Con 2013(For Getty)

Few shots from Comic Con this year. As always it's great fun to see all the crazy costumes and people having a good time. It's still hard to believe how big it's gotten. I remember when it used to be about Comic Books. It's much more celebrity driven these days.
I'm always a bit surprised at how hard it is to get good shots. It's almost too much going on. I find myself having to take a deep breath and slow down. Also, the Cosplay folks are usually inclined to strike a cheesy pose. I like to try and take it a little deeper and wait for the off moments or try and show a little personality or something maybe unusual or funny about the person. There has to be something a little off about a 60 year old woman dressed as a Zombie or a teenaged boy dressed as Arial from The Little Mermaid.


Anonymous said...

Great shot of our son, Michael, dressed as the Joker. Friends have seen it all over, including in the Montreal Gazette. Your pictures really do capture the essence of Comic-Con.

Hilario said...