Saturday, January 25, 2014

SD Sheriff's Recruitment Campaign

Spent a few days documenting different departments for the San Diego County Sheriff's Office for their recruitment division. We basically covered all departments, from bailiffs to deputies working at a women's Prison, the County Jail, the screeners at the courthouse and some other divisions.
There were many challenges trying to do corporate-style photos in real life situations, especially with unruly prisoners and camera shy judges who reluctantly let me in to take photos while in session. I had to somehow show the Sheriff's enjoying their jobs while not getting the convicts faces in the shots and make it look somewhat appealing to folks who might want to join the department. If you've ever been in or visited a county jail, this is no easy task. It was dark and dank with lots of graffiti and that terrible Green florescent lighting. The smells were quite pleasant as well, especially near the drunk tank. In any event, I couldn't have been more happy and absolutely love the challenge. Some people thrive in the studio, some shooting portraits on the beach, some on the Red Carpet, I love unpredictable situations where you have to make sense and beauty out of dirty, treacherous, unhospitable situations. I also dig doing it for corporations.

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