Monday, April 6, 2015

Above the Drought(for Getty Images)

Got the opportunity to fly over parts of San Diego County to capture images of our ever-shrinking water supply. It's a neat perspective from up high because you see just how dependent we are on water to keep our lawns green and pools filled and Oranges and Lemons hanging from our trees. When we are in the confines of our yards, we just see Green. When see it from above, you realize it's all just a charade. We have rows of homes that have these neat little square/rectangular plots of color juxtaposed against patches of brown, dry, dead plots of uninhabited land. I mean, we all know it, we just work to hide it by planting shrubs and building walls to keep the brown stuff out of site. I think the days of this unending supply are coming to an end and we will eventually have to get creative and come up with better solutions. We've been at it looking for alternative energy sources so I see no reason we can't do it for water(i.e. desalination) So far I've seen some neat Xeriscape designs, companies that paint lawns green and turf that is starting to look pretty close to the real thing. In any event, I have no doubt California will come up with something. We have a lot of crazy, brilliant, wealthy, tree hugging folks out here that i believe will come up with a series of solutions.

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