Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Perfect Game All-American Classic 2015

Photographed the 2015 Perfect Game All-American Classic for about the Seventh year now. The Classic is a showcase for Fifty of the Nation's top High School baseball players where they come to San Diego for four days of activities followed by a televised East West game which aired last Sunday. The majority of these guys will become first round picks in the draft(165 since its inception) and an overwhelming majority will go onto the Majors. Some the notable names that have come through the tournament are Justin Upton, Bryce Harper, Carlos Correia, Brady Aiken, and numerous others. It's fun getting to see these guys while they're still kids and before they get to the show.
The week started out with a visit to a children's hospital followed by a BBQ at Trevor Hoffman's Beach house. This was one of the highlights as they guys got to let loose and be kids again. Then a practice, a home run derby and game on Sunday where the East Team won.
I kind of purposely left out a lot of action shots and decided to show more documentary style images because it's more interesting to me and there are a about million other great sports shooters who could shoot the pants off me in that arena.
Anyway, as always, thanks for having a look.

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