Monday, August 31, 2015

Team Awesome Sauce-Hood to Coast 2015

What happens when a bunch of photographers and friends from around the country get together for a relay run in weird and wacky Oregon? Well, not much but a lot of fun and good friendships made and a chance to put down the camera for a few days and challenge our minds and bodies in a different kind of way. We're a little different breed from the traditional image of the cheeseburger eating, hard drinking, Marlboro smoking, half shaven shutter-snapper you see in the movies. Well, we might be a few of those things but you get the idea. I think we all love the thrill, adventure, a good adrenaline rush, travel, good camaraderie and barely any camera talk.
The event was the Hood to Coast Relay which was a 197 mile relay run from the top of Mount Hood to the town of Seaside on the coast of Oregon. The relay is split between 12 runners where we each run 3 legs anywhere from 3 1/2 to 7 1/2 miles per leg through all kinds of terrain. The teams split up into Two vans with Six runners each where you'd hand off to the next runner non-stop all the way to the end. We experienced all kinds of weather from chilly mountain air to hot, Sunny 80's to a walloping rainstorm with 50-60 MPH winds all within a day and a half time span. (hey, it's Oregon, I wouldn't expect anything less). Also within that time span we had a birthday(Cheers Bruce Ely)about 5 bottles of breast milk pumped(I'm sure the babies will appreciate that Tiffany Brown)a former Mormon who we found out has learned the joys of coffee, Whiskey, foul language, and a whole bunch of other sinful pleasures he's been missing out on the past 30 something years(sorry Chris Becerra for taking away a bit of your wholesomeness)some kind of Visor snafu that eventually was resolved(Lisa Krantz still killed it on her run)and finally lots of talk about pooping. I'll never understand why runners are so obsessed about this most natural of causes.
I want to thank Craig Mitchelldyer and Jen for putting this thing together and paying all of our entry fees and putting us up in his house as well as Bruce Ely and Kristy for the great food and letting us all shower at their place in between legs.
I want to also apologize for not getting shots of all the team members, just not enough time to get everyone.
Anyway, great job Team Awesome Sauce!!

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