Friday, October 2, 2015

100 and Killin it Like a Rock Star

Thought I'd post a bit wider edit from a story shot for The New York Times on Don Pellmann, a 100 year old athlete who just happened to break 5 World records at the San Diego Senior games the day I was there. Here is a link to the story by Karen Crouse
What a true inspiration this man is and a testament to the fact that good genes, low stress and a fighting attitude is the secret to a long, fulfilling life. Don wasn't an all star athlete in his youth, he didn't obsess over eating all the right foods like energy drinks, protein bars, Gluten free, etc.. and in fact, he didn't start competing in track and field until his 70's. What he did was just enjoy doing sports and didn't over do it to the point where his joints and back would suffer in later life. He has no issues with knees, back or any other pains that a normal 100 year old would suffer. He ate Macaroni and Cheese the night before and barely likes to drink water. In fact, the trainer at the games had to almost beg him to take a few extra gulps because the temperature on that day was hovering around,well, 100 degrees. In any event, I loved his tenacity and zeal for life. Don't ever let age stop you from doing stuff and taking on new challenges..

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