Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ever since I was just a wee lad, I loved watching episodes of the Jetson's and those ancient Buck Rodger's flicks that were usually on around midnight and on some obscure channel. You remember that those old movies where the spaceships looked like electric razors with sparklers shooting out the back. Well my friends, the future has finally arrived. We are back to the future.
Introducing the Aptera. This small wonder from another galaxy gets 100mpg, is half the body weight of an average sized vehicle, is made from some kind of crazy carbon fiber that is impact resistant, and best of all, plugs into a 110 volt outlet. I'm not usually in the business of endorsing any product, but it is just so refreshing to see good ole American ingenuity at its finest. As the big 3 automakers are still pumping out the same tired old cars that we really don't want, and roiling in debt and union woes, we get a new company that is starting from scratch the right way. They hired the best aerodynamics team, carbon fiber experts, electric battery folks and are taking bits and pieces from other car companies to model their own. I definitely think this will give the gas and oil companies a little something to sweat about.

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