Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Question, what do you when you when your assigned to shoot a Biz portrait and the subject has utterly wild and unruly children that are required to be in the shot? A) you just roll with it and use it to your advantage B) shoot loads of images and pray one of them comes out,C) suggest drugs, D) all of the above. The top photo is indicative of 99% of all my images from this most challenging shoot for a stodgy business magazine. I said this 20 years ago, and I'll say it again today, "shooting kids is like a great boot camp for becoming a good photojournalist". It takes every single skill I have ever learned, from making your subject comfortable, to quick focusing/composing, to patience, and catching that decisive moment. All this while having toys and sometimes food being thrown at you and little grubby fingers touching the lens. I'm ready for combat!!

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