Sunday, May 10, 2009


American Idol finalist Adam Lambert came home for a visit to San Diego last week only to be greeted by an insanely large crowd at his Alma Mater High School. I imagine it was a sort of sweet vengeance for him because he was that “weird” drama kid that probably no one understood. I’m sure he he might have even taken a few punches for it. I’d love to check-up on all the strange computer geeks at my old high school in Princeton, NJ. I’m sure at least one of them is had at work inventing the next great supercomputer and laughing at all the potbellied ex-jock, car salesmen, who used to tease them(no, I wasn’t one of them). In fact, there was one really odd kid at my school who no one understood but had quite a bit of talent. His name was John Popper from the Blues Travelers. Anyway, not a huge Idol fan but what I’ve heard from this guy he’s got a fantastic voice. Score on for the drama nerds.

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