Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm covering the Aflac All-American Baseball Classic in San Diego this week. Basically it is the top 40 High School baseball players in the nation that are hand- picked to come out for a week and act like pros. They go to a Cancer hospital, have morning practices followed by a home-run derby and an East West game which is this Sunday. It's been a little humiliating being the shortest guy in the room all week. I mean, what the heck are they feeding these guys? We have a number of players over 6'7" and the majority are over 6'3". Mind you, they're all Juniors in H.S. and still have growing to do.
The talent is phenominal and has been really fun to watch. They seem to be little boys stuck in men's bodies. One minute they're crushing balls out of the park and the next they're playing video games and giggling like school kids. Keep an eye out for some of these guys, we'll definitely be seeing them in the near future.

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