Monday, August 3, 2009

Sierras Backpacking Trip

Spent a delightful 5 days backpacking up in the High Sierras with a group of journalist buddies. It's a great time to turn off the cell phone for a few days, get away from civilization and become one with nature, or in my case, 9 guys and a girl with nature. We took a 6 mile hike up to about 9,500 feet which was a killer and found a crystal clear lake that was great for swimming and fishing. From there, we took day hikes to other hidden lakes in search of the ever elusive 12 inch trout. We found em but they were just too smart for our hooks. So we ate, swam, took loads of pictures of each other (4 photogs.) fished, hiked, took trips up the mountain every morning with our Orange shovels and just generally chewed the fat. However, after caravaning out of the mountains and into the Mojave Desert on our way home, the trip took on an added adventure as one of the cars broke down. So we're about 40 miles from the nearest ghost town and it's Sunday evening, and by pure luck, AAA came through with probably the only tow truck drivers for miles around. We pulled out the lawn chairs and had a nice little party on the side of the highway. As the tow truck pulls up, and being the devout journalists we all are, we did what came natural and all raced to get our cameras out and document the situation. Poor driver had no idea what the hell he was getting himself into. So we consolidated into the remaining cars and headed home(Via the ice cream shop).


Susan said...

OH I LOVE THIS! So glad you had such a great time. May I please get a few photos?

Running Fool said...
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Running Fool said...

Good times with good friends. Thank you for capturing the decisive moments and sharing. Wonderful!