Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jets Fan

Shot this portrait of Jets fan Bill Carroll and his girlfriend Brooke at their home in the OC the other day. While at the Chargers/Jets playoff game last Sunday, Mr. Carroll got a little out of hand with his cheering for the opposing team and got himself arrested and thrown in jail for a few hours. This might seem to be a somewhat common story in that over 1 hundred people were arrested that day except for the fact that he really wasn't doing anything wrong. He had only 2 beers over 3 hours, so was not drunk, and was just cheering for his team. Another reason this has become worthy of many newspaper articles is that someone video taped(a-la-Rodney King style) the incident and the thing went viral. The last time I checked, it had over 278,000 hits. It's definitely an interesting age we live in where legions of roving amateur papparazzi, with video or still cameras in hand, give us a bird's eye view of shit happenin' all around. I guess it keeps us honest and more importantly entertained. Here is a link to the video and the article in the NY Post

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