Friday, January 22, 2010

Rainy SoCal Day

So this week in SoCal saw a series 4 high powered Pacific storms that walloped the entire state. I had a day off so I decided to jump in the car with my friend Jarod and go shooting. My intent was to stay away from the regular shots you see every year during our monsoon season. Trees falling on cars, cars stuck in waist high water, mudslides, auto accidents, some guy with rubber boots on standing in his living room with ankle high water looking bummed-out. I mean hey, we live in a pretty nutty state, how hard is it to find crazy people doing crazy stuff out in the rain. Upon arriving at Ocean Beach(San Diego's Venice Beach)it didn't take long to find this guy soaking up the surf....ALONE. I'd ask why but sometimes things are better left unsaid.
Next week, back to boring ole sunshine.