Thursday, November 4, 2010

Drug Tunnel

One of the largest Marijuana busts in U.S. history was found coming through (in bundles) a man-made tunnel dug from a werehouse in Tijuana to a facility in San Diego. I've been in one other drug tunnel about 5 years ago and the diggers at least had the courtesy of making it so you could stand-up. This one however was only about 3 feet high. You had to crawl on your knees. It was very claustrophobic and a bit creepy traveling through there. You could see all kinds of signs of the cartel members labors. Empty water bottles. make-shift tools, scratch marks on the floor from sliding the marijuana bales through and lighting fixtures that I'm sure would fail code. Another thing is all the water that seeps from the ground up to through walls. It's not quite as simple as just digging a trail. You have to make sure there are no funny gases(my own not included)and have to continually suck out the water all the while keeping a low profile. These were some brazen SOB's in that the tunnel was within 100 yards of the Otay Mesa border crossing.

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