Sunday, November 7, 2010

Election Day

I was commissioned by AARP Magazine to document voters during mid-term election day last week. It was fun to get to shoot the whole day without having to transmit on deadline. It was also a hoot getting to hang with the oldsters for a day. They have such wonderful character and wisdom. My goal was to try to stay as non-partisan as possible and just focus on people engaged in the political process(e.g. voters,poll workers, ralliers,etc..). I'm glad because politics can create such nasty enemies out of good, rational people in all parties, even if our beliefs are not the same.
It's important to remember the News-ertainment channels, FOX, CNN, MSNBC,are feeding us 24 hours of extremist BS in an attempt to get better ratings. They don't give a crap about appealing to moderate, sane folks, which is what most of us are.


renay said...

Very nice coverage. Nice to see the older crowd go out and vote.

Will Parson said...

It's interesting to see Popaditch not central to the image. Politics aside, you couldn't draw a better comic book villain.