Monday, March 21, 2011

Shot a story for the Sacramento Bee on Esther Bailey, an Army Veteran who turned to drugs after an abusive relationship and is currently undergoing therapy at the Veteran's Village in San Diego. The story was largely focused on female Veteran's who suffer from debilitating psychological problems due to PTSD and other issues.
It's always a bit of a challenge to gain access into someones life when you're given a limited amount of time. I find the best way is to take some time to get comfortable with your subject, find out what activities they do throughout the day, try to get them into a social situation where they forget about you and the camera. People naturally tend to get used to you snapping away after awhile. The first 10 minutes or so are always the most awkward. After that, it seems as though you and the subject work into a natural rhythm. The problem is, is that once you've finally gotten to this level, it's time to go.

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