Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jay's Garage

Got to go back to Jay's Garage in Burbank last week to photograph the man himself with a few cars for an automotive magazine. I showed up right as he did and looked like he had a rough morning. He was mildly grumpy but quickly snapped out of it once he got into the garage and became absorbed with his toys, I mean cars. It's always inspiring to see someone, whether it be Jay Leno or the local camera store dealer, who is so passionate about what they love to do. He REALLY loves cars and equally LOVES to talk about them. I don't know much about the history of automobiles but would just ask him some random question like "when was the first Turbine engine invented" and he would go off on an hour tangent about every detail.
So we did the shoot, 3 cars he test drove while I had his mechanic drive me in his Jaguar convertible and shot him driving behind us. We get back from shooting the last car and his crew was tinkering with an antique 1906 steam powered tractor. Jay, then melted into a 13 year school kid and jumped in and fired it up. He then proceeded to drive it around the block which was hilarious. It became such a spectacle watching people along Burbank Blvd shit in their pants as they saw this behometh, with Jay Leno in it, drive down the street. Everyone was stopping and getting out and taking pix with their cell phones and running up to get his autograph, their were also those that seemed to have seen it before(evidently he does this king of stuff a lot) As I was walking next to him shooting, he looks at me says "Just another day in L.A." You got that right Jay

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