Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tijuana Food Piece

I was delighted to finally get to do a positive story on Tijuana. For several years now, the focus has all been on the drug war, immigration, the crummy economy, lack of tourists going down, and the Swine Flu. It's like Mexico got hit with the perfect storm. It has really affected the every part of the economy down there. Merchants who once prodded and pleaded with me to sell their wares are now coming up and thanking me for visiting. It's been hard to watch this city I love suffer so much.
So, crime is down something like 40% since 2008, jobs are coming back, TJ just had a huge international symposium with Al Gore, Carlos Slim, Larry King and a bunch of others, and some really fancy restaurants are opening up around the city.
These photos feature a Restaurant called Mision 19 which is in the Rio Zone. The Chef, Javier Plascencia, who grew up in Tijuana, is world renowned and offers a very unique Northern Baja, Mediterranean-style menu that is sure to transform the culinary world. He mostly caters to high society business folk, medical tourists from the U.S. and probably some peeps you don't want to ask what they do. Here is the story in The NY Times

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